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Being an independent, open-source software developer is challenging - especially if you have a family.

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Imazen is my one-person company, focused on open-source software.

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About Nathanael

Nathanael Jones is a software engineer, father, consultant, and computer linguist with unreasonably high expectations of inanimate objects. He refines .NET, ruby, and javascript libraries full-time at Imazen, but can often be found on stack overflow or participating in W3C community groups.


If you develop websites, and those websites have images, ImageResizer can make your life much eaiser. Find out more at


I run Imazen, a tiny software company that specializes in web-based image processing and other difficult engineering problems. I spend most of my time writing image-processing code in C#, web apps in Ruby, and documentation in Markdown. Check out some of my current projects.

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