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jCrop and ASP.NET server-side image resizing combined

Today, I'm going to show you how to combine jQuery, jCrop, and ImageResizing.Net to create an AJAX cropping interface - in 11 lines of javascript. This produces true, cropped images that you can use anywhere on the site simply by referencing the generated URL.


Image Resizer v2.8 is released - end of line

This is a high-priority update for users of v2, as it blocks a potential avenue for a DOS attack and fixes many important bugs. This is probably the last update the v2 line will receive. v2.X is deprecated and discontinued, and support for it will be ending June 15, 2011.


ImageResizer v3 is released

Image Resizer 3 launched on April 24th. New version, new architecture, new website. Now that the initial sprint is over,  things have settled down, and I have a nice set of documentation articles, I'm finally blogging about it.