Language features vs. Libraries: Why we love extensible languages.

Here, I'm doing it again. Linkblogging. But hey... It's too good to pass up. How to implement several new high-profile .NET features in SmallTalk in less than a page of code. Your Language Features Are My Libraries by Benjamin Pollack

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Nathanael Jones is a software engineer, father, consultant, and computer linguist with unreasonably high expectations of inanimate objects. He refines .NET, ruby, and javascript libraries full-time at Imazen, but can often be found on stack overflow or participating in W3C community groups.


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I run Imazen, a tiny software company that specializes in web-based image processing and other difficult engineering problems. I spend most of my time writing image-processing code in C#, web apps in Ruby, and documentation in Markdown. Check out some of my current projects.

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