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You've got to start sometime. After launching a certain number of websites, launching your own can seem really, really boring.

Like watching grass grow. At least it doesn't take long with the CMS I created.

I FTP'd the site up last night, then attached the database file and set the connection string during lunch break.

The part that took the longest was resetting my password in the CMS, since I'd forgotten it :(. The quickest way to is to run "Update aspnet_Membership SET Password="pass" PasswordFormat=0" to reset all passwords to "pass".

There's only a few non-typical requirements:

  • Obviously ASP.NET needs wildcard mapping set up, so all URLs go to ASP.NET. The hosting provider has to map "*" to "aspnet_isapi.dll"
  • The application needs write access to the local file system, but only if you want to have online editing ability. This is controlled at two levels - the filesystem (permissions for Network Service), and the trust level (machine.config)

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